Thomas Tuchel upset even more wins.

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Chelsea manager Thomas Tuchel has been upset after an additional injury sustained in the previous game. The Blue Lions defeated Aston Villa 3-1 in the Premier League on Sunday. London’s top teams are now in third place, six points behind leaders Manchester City.

“We have more players injured. We play against teams that have no role in the national team. Sometimes it hits us,” the German told Sky Sports. 

“We let Callum Hudson-Odoi play 90 minutes because we needed to substitute other players. Who decides that? They let us play We play two more cup games. We are facing a team whose game is postpone. This cannot be the correct method.

“Substitutions are not enough for us. 5 Substitutions Made For Coronavirus Europe has a winter break. But we play and put the burden on the players. They keep us playing all the time despite the coronavirus. We have a new injured player and it won’t stop. people sitting at meeting table in the office is the one who decides

“Today it was unfair, he (Lukaku) had a very good performance. He wasn’t ready for that, although he wanted to. We all slept for 10 days because of a fever. Today he is a game changer. He was very impress with the boys, but I was very worry.

“We will have the same discussions again on Wednesday. no one asked us If we talk about the need for substitutions. it is impossible we are struggling We are putting pressure on our own players. I fully respect what the players did today.

“We didn’t change because of tactics. “But change because of injury. We thought Hudson-Odoi could share time with Lukaku, but Kante was injury, Silva was injured, we change three, it had the opposite effect.”