Poch stressed that Chelsea must stop spending mistakes.

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Mauricio Pochettino warns Chelsea they must stop making the same mistakes. If they hope to develop the team in the future. The Blues have had a poor start to the season. Most recently losing 0-2 to Brentford, causing them to win only 3 out of their first 10 games in the Premier League.

Things could look more difficult for Chelsea, who still have a tough schedule ahead, with their next five league games against Spurs, Manchester City, Newcastle, Brighton and Manchester United UFABET

The Blues have had another busy summer with a turnover of 40 players, signing 12 and releasing 28, while spending under Todd Boehly has surpassed the total. Billions of pounds gone

Pochettino warns that Chelsea cannot repeat the same mistakes. And it will take some time to get things right with their young team.

Asked if he believed Chelsea were cursed, Pochettino said: “It’s like something is fighting you. You have to try to resist it and try to survive.”

“You have to be quiet and strong. And don’t let it get off balance because it’s easy to criticize or say things that will offend others and lead to divisions within the club.”

“It’s important to trust your thinking, your judgment and your analysis of why certain things didn’t happen.”

“To help organizations become better and improve And don’t make the same mistakes. The most important thing is to learn from mistakes.”