Everton fans are outraged for Wayne Rooney to take over Rafa.

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Everton have been facing a crisis of faith over their manager position. When Rafael Benitez is close to be sack. Who will replace him? One of the favorites, Wayne Rooney, Boss Derby County, looks under powered by most of the followers.

The report by the ‘ Sunday Sport ‘ that. Benicia Venkatesh may have control of the army just over the Christmas season to jump to the year 2022. Because it works very poorly, winning just one of 10 games back. ( always 2, up 7) , plus conflicts in the room. Sr. Shin dress with Luka’s a good problem again.  

However, the problem is that which coach is good, who is high, who will receive the hot taro in the middle of the season? When working under constraints, lack of support for budgetary support.  

Ambush on unidentified Rooney Asst . Teams ‘ sheep they iron ‘. Which is a alumnus of ‘ Taffy Blue ‘ entered in the network.  

That’s because of the bond that has fostered until Wayne Rooney on the 36- year-old. Became so popular in England that he had the opportunity to grow up on his career move to Manchester United in 2004. A club-record price at the time of £ 27 million.  

Plus more challenges than the top leagues. Wrong with the dust of the second league at Pride Park. Where more than 21 points were cut during the season. Consequences of being under control Because of severe financial problems under the management of Melvin Morris and another violation of the English League’s financial control rules.

North opinions from ‘ Everton’s Union ‘ , mainly through a poll vote, ‘ Liverpool Echo ‘ found that over 63% disagree with the Rooney because statistics team full-time. The performance won only  13 of 48 games ( draw 14, lose 21), plus the previous season was almost unable to escape from relegation.