Cavani takes a somersault as Uruguay beat Venezuela 4-1

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Uruguay dubbed the “ruthless” as Uruguay beat Venezuela 4-1 in the 2022 World Cup qualifying game. With Manchester United‘s Edinson Cavani showing a beautiful somersault.

Uruguay have called on Manchester United striker Edinson Cavani to return to the starting lineup alongside Luis Suarez. While Venezuela has spearheaded Salomon Rondon in the lead. offensive line

Starting the game just a minute. Uruguay took the lead 1-0 quickly. Edinson Cavani flick the ball before leaving the right back line into the penalty area. The Venezuelan defender headed clear in the way of Rodrygo BentaNgur ran to shoot a single stroke. From UFABET the front of the penalty area sent the ball into the post.

Uruguay led 2-0 in the 23rd minute. With Fagondo Pjeistry getting the ball on the right side. Before dragging off four away players before giving Georgian de Arrascaeta a quick shot not left.

In the first half of the injury time.

Uruguay led 3-0, Luis Suarez scored the first shot in the block of Georgian de Arrascaeta. Pumping the ball at the same time with Wilker Farinez. The goalkeeper of Venezuela, causing the ball to bounce into the way Edinson Cavani had somersaulted. Shot at a distance of less than ten yards into the goal beautifully.

The second half started 5 minutes. Uruguay got a penalty after Fagondo Peyetri was fouled, Luis Suarez took the shot to save. But there is a VAR check to find Venetian players. Running into the penalty area before the shot gave Suarez a new shot. This time turning the shot to his left. While Wilker Farinez flew in the wrong direction, leading Uruguay 4-0. 

Uruguay sent the ball into the net again in the 61st minute from Federico Valverde’s pass that sent Cavani to fire, but this ball was offside first.  

Venezuela hit the egg 4 minutes later from the moment the Uruguay defensive line blocked the heavy ball, causing Joseph Martinez to drop the orange before slipping away. The score changed to 4-1.

81 minutes Uruguay almost has added Suarez to the full front of the penalty area, Farinez super save Darwin Nunez, the substitute repeatedly followed. But sticking to the fingertips Farinez before the ball flew past the post and did not reach out after

The rest of the time, Uruguay closed the game before Uruguay beat Venezuela 4-1, adding to 22 points, keeping the island in the quota area for the World Cup very well.