Brendan Rodgers confirm that the program often affects the players.

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Brendan Rodgers, Leicester City boss City insist that. Continued playing at the end of the year in English football will have a negative impact on the players.

blue fox Going to play against Manchester City on Sunday. Continuing with the opening of the home against Liverpool in the Premier League stage next Tuesday.

“Whether any coach or manager is busy, especially these days. Even when you have a complete team ready to fight,” said Brendan Rodgers.

“But to play against Manchester City on Sunday and have to play again against Liverpool on Tuesday, it’s not good for the players, it’s simply their health and well-being.

“It’s not a good idea but it’s clearly been said that. We have to play continuously for two weeks and then keep going.

“That’s something we can only see as a competition that we can do. Like we went to Liverpool with a lot of injuries and other things. we go down to compete That’s what we always try and do.”

Brendan Rodgers History.

Rodgers was born in Carnlock to his parents Malachilai and Christina, Rodgers was the eldest son of his parents. Rodgers graduated from St. Patrick’s University in Ballymena. Rodgers enjoyed playing soccer as a child and after school He went to practice playing football in One of the children’s soccer fields in Carnlock.

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